Financial Advisory Services

Sound financial advice and value-creating solutions.


Financial advice based on key insights

We are solution-oriented advisors helping your business with insights, solutions and implementation. The task could be: refinancing, restructuring, capital composition, alternative financing solutions or the development of a strategy to achieve an optimal result from the sale of the company. Whether it is a single task or a comprehensive challenge, we are always focused on finding the best overall solution which produces maximum value.


Financial advice rooted in knowledge, experience and key insights showing the correct risk profile.

By closely examining the details we are able to see the whole picture

Vest Corporate Advisors represents broad expertise in capital assessment, also related to company acquisitions and sales. These are issues that require financial flair, experience and insight in order to look behind the numbers. We find correlations in details and have the ability to see the totality in the financial issues. We provide precise and strategic financial advice covering all parts of the process: insight, analysis, proposed solutions, implementation and results.

Corporate Governance

We are a team of experienced and competent advisors who give advice to owners, directors and management of businesses based on our knowledge and experience

Ownership strategy

We help owners to find a suitable ownership strategy so that they can create and manage value in the best possible way.