Ownership Strategy

Strategic advice and solutions that create, maintain and manage asset values


The right ownership strategy is often the key

Whatever the area of business and the challenges, Vest Corporate Advisors helps the owners find the most appropriate ownership strategy. We seek to find the best ownership structure by considering various factors, including: corporate split-up, merger, acquisition and divestment, refinancing, capital injection, change in ownership structure, be it generational or to take account of new co-owners. We can also draw up a long-term plan aimed at an IPO. 


Experienced advisors who sees opportunities and find solutions for your company’s value creation.

Value creation is an absolute goal

We take an in-depth approach and regard every challenge as unique. We are professionals who help owners or mamagement to find a well thought out and targeted corporate structure and ownership strategy, as well as appropriate funding, to serve as a basis for future value creation.

The necessary questions, the alternative solutions, the best result

What plans do the owners have for the company? What is the ownership time horizon? What are the alternative solutions? What will be the choice of direction in the event of consolidation, expansion or ownership changes? Can the business be separated into several subsidiaries? Who are potential buyers of this business in the short or longer term? Can the company be sold to an external party in the event of a generational change of ownership? How can the company’s IPO objective be secured? In determining the optimal ownership strategy and the best choice of direction, we ask both the simple and the basic questions, and the difficult ones. We have the expertise and the insight to find the right answers and the best solutions.

Corporate Governance

We are a team of experienced and competent advisors who give advice to owners, directors and management of businesses based on our knowledge and experience

Financial Advisory Services

Our expertise is particularly geared to the acquisition and sale of companies, refinancing and restructuring, and includes capital optimization, capital requirements and value assessment